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How to make a website?

Step 1

Pick a name for your site.

Anoop Jalota (Anujal)

Step 2

Once you find your site’s name, the next step is to get hosting & domain. The domain is the name of your site ( and hosting puts your website on the internet.


For Beginners


1 Website

10 GB SSD Storage

100 GB Bandwidth

Free SSL

Free Domain

1 Email Account

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Free SSL


10/mo Renewal

1 Website

Speed: Fast

Free SSL

Affordable + Mid-range +Good Support

Best Suited For: Single site owners


Best Value


10/mo Renewal

Unlimited Websites

Speed: Very Fast

Free SSL

+Unlimited Sites+Faster Performance

Best Suited For: Single and Multiple site owners


Premium Hosting


30/mo Renewal

1 Website

Speed: Very Fast

Free SSL

+Free CDN +Top notch support

Best Suited For: Mission Critital Business sites

Step 3

Choose Your Theme

Step 4

1. Install Your Theme

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wordpress installation by flywheel

2. Import Demo Content

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wordpress installation by flywheel

3. Edit the Content

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wordpress installation by flywheel

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