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Premium WordPress
Theme - FREE!

Bringing you an uncomplicated and a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get started with
your blog or website on WordPress.

Hosting available below are provided with Free Premium Theme and hosting setup from us.


Order New Hosting

Make a purchase using the link attached to this page.


Share Your Receipt Via Email

Once you receive your receipt, email me a copy to the address below (contact page).


Completing the Free Setup

Lastly, I’ll verify your purchase and help set up your WordPress blog using a Premium Theme.

Recommended Web Hosts for
New Sites in 2021

Picking the ideal WordPress hosting isn’t always easy. Following are a few tried & tested web hosts separated into different price categories.


For Beginners


1 Website

10 GB SSD Storage

100 GB Bandwidth

Free SSL

Free Domain

1 Email Account

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Free SSL


10/mo Renewal

1 Website

Speed: Fast

Free SSL

Affordable + Mid-range +Good Support

Best Suited For: Single site owners


Best Value


10/mo Renewal

Unlimited Websites

Speed: Very Fast

Free SSL

+Unlimited Sites+Faster Performance

Best Suited For: Single and Multiple site owners


Premium Hosting


30/mo Renewal

1 Website

Speed: Very Fast

Free SSL

+Free CDN +Top notch support

Best Suited For: Mission Critital Business sites

Your quest for a dream website or blog ends here!

In order to claim this exclusive offer, make a purchase by using the links attached above.

Premium Theme Installation

Beginners are inundated with questions and chaos in their minds when creating a site on WordPress. Here’s me guiding all the way through!

Starting a website on WordPress from scratch isn’t all plain sailing. Beginners may not be able to determine which theme or plugins mimic their style. So, customizing or building a new website will always be challenging for first-timers.

As I guide you through the setting up stages, I will also be helping you install a premium WordPress theme on your site. ($250 value)

Examples of the Premium Theme websites / blogs:

Premium theme example
Premium theme example 2
Premium theme example 3
Premium theme example 4
Premium theme example 5
Premium theme example 6
Premium theme example 6

And many, many more!

What people say...

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John Doe
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John Doe

Free WordPress Installation + Premium Theme

1. Installation of WordPress to your domain.

2. Premium WordPress Theme.

3. Installation of critical WordPress Plugins.

:: All of this for FREE! ::

Delivery time: up to 5 business days.

* Have any questions about this offer? Email me [email protected].

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Fill out this form AND send an email to [email protected] with your Hosting receipt (purchased through the links above).

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    Installation is impossible without us getting access to your cPanel, we will not share your password with anyone and we only need a temporary password for the time of installation, don’t forget to change it once we are done with the set up!

    Reminder: Offer valid only if purchase is made using the links attached above.

    Note: The theme installation is done using the default theme design, and no colors, logos or other such customizations of the theme are part of the purchase.